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YWPHI annual (virtual) meeting on 9/1/2020
This year's annual meeting included annual election of Directors, and a current issues Question-and-Answer session with our Mariposa County Supervisor. Minutes posted
Annual membership dues 9/1/2020
YWPHI dues of $50 for the next membership year starting 9/1/2020 per house/condo/lot owner are now due, and all new payments received will credit toward this coming year. Dues may be paid either by PayPal or by mailing a Membership paper form and check.
Land and water news updates
News from recent land changes since 2016 are summarized, along with potential impacts to the Yosemite West Maintenance District and water capacity.
YW District Advisory Committee Meeting on 7/9/2020
The Yosemite West District Advisory Committee met to review a civil engineering report proposing selling water to Nature Bridge's campus. Notes posted.
YW District Advisory Committee Meeting on 6/11/2020
The Yosemite West District Advisory Committee quarterly semi-government meeting discussed water district and sewer leach-field expansion proposals, along with other items, with Mariposa Supervisors and Public Works staff. Agenda and notes posted.
Yosemite National Park re-opening
Starting 6/11/2020, Yosemite National Park is mostly open, and full access throughout YNP is available to all YW residents. Access rules return to normal, with YW property owners once again allowed YNP gate-entry with only a vehicle windshield fee-exemption sticker. Renters and guests of YW residents will be allowed entry as before, by stating who and what YW address they will be visiting.
Other information about YNP opening is in the Covid19 FAQ.
Zone-of-Benefit invalidated
Mariposa Superior Court has judged the process converting the Yosemite West Maintenance District to a Zone-of-Benefit was invalid because of problems in the counting of the protests in Feb 2018. So, the Water+Sewer rate increases that started 3/1/2018 are invalid, and will be rescinded starting 7/1/2020. It will take time for the refund plan to be finalized. See the analysis of cumulative funds collected under the ZoB.
Yosemite Conservancy updates
A recent letter to the community states several items in the Conservancy's planning, including steps for employee housing development in the 37 acres above the YW mailboxes. The current lots are proposed for lot-line adjustments shown on map submitted by YC to the Mariposa Planning Commission.
YNP Fire season declared
Yosemite National Park officially declared 6/2/2020 that weather conditions have pushed an earlier-than-normal fire season declaration. Burning of any debris piles is now prohibited until next year.
YNP vehicle stickers for 2020-2024
Yosemite National Park gate-pass vehicle stickers are available to Yosemite West property owners by application instructions.
YW District Advisory Committee Meeting on 12/12/2019
The Yosemite West District Advisory Committee quarterly semi-government meeting discussed water proposals, fire-station development, and utility fee accounting. Agenda, YWPHI Notes, and minutes published.
YW District Advisory Committee Meeting on 9/12/2019
The Yosemite West District Advisory Committee quarterly semi-government meeting discussed trash collection, water proposals, utility fee retention, and wastewater leach field land acquisition. Summary notes published.
YWPHI help page has link to sign up for Nixle for notification of fire warnings and road closures.
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Welcome to Yosemite West Property & Homeowners, Inc. (YWPHI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the best interests of property and homeowners in Yosemite West. Yosemite West, a subdivision created in 1967, consists of privately-owned property on Henness Ridge outside of and adjacent to Yosemite National Park's western boundary and other private land. YWPHI works to:

Governed by the YWPHI Bylaws, YWPHI's Board of Directors oversees various YWPHI Committees that engage in community projects and fire safety activities. The minutes from YWPHI Board of Director's meetings and YWPHI annual meetings are available to read once approved.

Please visit the Membership page to download a YWPHI Membership Form and read how membership dues support our community work.

YWPHI also reports on the activities of the Yosemite West Maintenance District Advisory Committee (YWMDAC). The committee acts as a liaison between Yosemite West property owners and the Mariposa Supervisors, Planning Commission and Public Works Department and makes recommendations to Mariposa County. YWPHI provides information about the committees as a service to the community.

Let us know if you want to volunteer your time, expertise, or ideas to improve your community - we can always use your help!

To contact YWPHI, please email president@yosemitewest.org
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