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Labor day 2017 barbeque and members' annual meeting
Held at noon on the pre-holiday Sunday 9/3/2017. Agenda includes guest speakers from the YNP fire department, updates regarding county Utility (Water, Sewer, Roads) Rate proposal, voting on proposed By-Laws amendment (listed in agenda) to clarify definition of "YWPHI Member", and election of 4 members to YWPHI's Board-of-Directors.
The meeting is open to members and non-members. The barbeque&meeting will be beside 7595 Azalea Lane (off Henness Circle).
2017-2018 annual membership dues
Annual YWPHI membership dues are $50 per year per house/lot. See Membership dues form for address for mailed payments or PayPal.
YWPHI help page has link to sign up for Nixle for notification of fire warnings and road closures.
2016 and 2017 CAL FIRE Fuel Reduction Grants
Thanks again to the great work of John Mock and Kimberley O'Neil, Yosemite West was rewarded grants for nearly $300,000 for 2016+2017. Over 1200 dead trees have been felled in 2017 to reduce fire danger. Read more on the grants page.
Mariposa County Public Works Rate-Study
On 7/16/2015, the Public Works department commissioned a Rate-Study for Mariposa County special districts including the water, sewer, and roads within the Yosemite West Maintenance District (YWMD). The Rate-Study will make recommendations to adjust utility rates to be consistent with a 5-year outlook of the service and maintenance costs needed by the YWMD. Any coming proposed rate changes will need to go through a Prop 218 approval ballot process by laws applicable to the YWMD special district. The county stated at the YWMD advisory committee meeting on 6/8/2017 that the proposals are still being iterated to be more reasonable before being ready to present publicly. When information and a proposal are available, YWPHI will facilitate communication to all community owners.
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Welcome to Yosemite West Property & Homeowners, Inc. (YWPHI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the best interests of property and homeowners in Yosemite West. Yosemite West, a subdivision created in 1967, consists of privately-owned property on Henness Ridge outside of and adjacent to Yosemite National Park's western boundary and other private land. YWPHI works to:

Governed by the YWPHI Bylaws, YWPHI's Board of Directors oversees various YWPHI Committees that engage in community projects and fire safety activities. The minutes from YWPHI Board of Director's meetings and YWPHI annual meetings are available to read once approved.

Please visit the Membership page to download a YWPHI Membership Form and read how membership dues support our community work.

YWPHI also reports on the activities of the Yosemite West Planning Advisory Committee (YWPAC) and the Yosemite West Maintenance District Advisory Committee (YWMDAC). The committees act as a liaison between Yosemite West property owners and the Mariposa County Planning Department and Public Works Department, respectively, and make recommendations to Mariposa County. Individuals serving on these committees are Yosemite West property owners appointed by the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors who may or may not be YWPHI members. YWPHI provides information about the committees as a service to the community, but is not involved with any activities of either committee.

Let us know if you want to volunteer your time, expertise, or ideas to improve your community - we can always use your help!

To contact YWPHI, please email president@yosemitewest.org
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