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Communities at Risk

Yosemite West is named on the official list of "Communities at Risk" on the Federal Register and is considered a " Community at Risk". The "Communities at Risk" list on the Federal Register exists to expedite congressional allocation of tax dollars for fire prevention in at-risk communities. See the list of Fire-Threatened Communities in California. (Designation on the Federal Register is not related to the ISO Public Protection Classification program for fire insurance.)

How Yosemite West Was Listed

On March 23, 2004, the YWPHI Fire Safety Committee contacted CAL FIRE (then California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, CDF) directly as recommended by the Mariposa County Fire Safe Council to verify the status of Yosemite West. On March 25, 2004, Staff Chief Rich Schell, CDF Fire Planning & Engineering, responded to our inquiry. CDF Chief Schell said that the responsibility for maintaining the list lies with CDF. The department solicited the involvement of its partner members on the California Fire Alliance to maintain this list.

He clarified that the California Fire Alliance staff was working on a new process and a new list. The new list was out for review by July 1, 2004. It was not clear that the name Yosemite West would appear on the new list as of July 1, 2004, but there would be a process outlined to request placement on the new list through a local CDF Unit or through any of the members of the California Fire Alliance. The YWPHI Fire Safety Committee continued working to clarify this issue.

The list on the Federal Register was compiled by using postal zip codes, even though zip codes do not appear on the list itself. The name "Yosemite Village", which has the zip code 95389, appeared on the list. Since Yosemite West has the same zip code, 95389, it too is considered as included on the "Communities at Risk" list because the Yosemite West zip code was listed.

The YWPHI Fire Safety Committee formally applied for the Yosemite West name to be added to the list, which was successfully accomplished in 2005. Being listed has helped Yosemite West become the recipient of grant funding for hazardous fuel reduction projects.

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