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What Residents Can Do To Make Yosemite West a Fire Safe Community

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100 Feet of Defensible Space is the Law

Download these important Cal Fire guidelines:

Property Inspections

As of 2006, California state law requires property owners to create 100 feet of defensible space from structures. Read the new 2006 guidelines Defensible Space: Compliance with 100-foot Requirements to evaluate what you need to do on your property in advance of the annual inspection.

The CAL FIRE fire prevention officers conduct an Annual Fire Hazard Clearance Inspection in Yosemite West. The purpose of the inspection is to assess property owners’ compliance with clearance of flammable vegetation from structures and LPG tanks, existence of spark arresters, condition of electrical wiring and lights, storage of combustible materials and other risks.

The fire prevention team completes a written checklist for residents noting any conditions that require the property owners’ attention. At the Memorial Day 2005 community picnic, a fire prevention officer announced to Yosemite West residents that they would be issuing citations, and that anyone cited would have to go to Fresno and appear in front of the magistrate there. Please direct all inquiries about compliance to Dan Tune, tel (559) 877-2218, email: dtune@fs.fed.us.

The Annual Fire Hazard Clearance Deadline is posted on the USFS signboard on Henness Ridge Road along the entrance to Yosemite West (between Wawona Road and the mailboxes). The annual deadline is around July 4th.

Steps You Can Take

Property Maintenance

Reduce Hazardous Fuels on Your Property

Tree Health

Inspect the mature trees on your property for disease, and respond accordingly when disease is present.


Dwelling Maintenance

Educuate Yourself

Learn About Hazard Fuel Reduction

NPS recommends that property owners visit the Firewise Landscaping website for tips about what you can do to minimize surface and ladder fuels on your property.

Pile Burning

Mariposa County Burn Day Information Line

Call (888) 440-BURN [(888) 440-2876] or (209) 966-1200 for recorded information that answers the following questions. Information is updated daily.

Download the Debris Burning safety flyer from Cal Fire.

For additional information, read:

California Inter-Agency Burning Permit

A free burning permit is required at all times to burn anything on your property. Call CDF at (209) 966-3622 for the location of the nearest office to get your permit. The nearest CDF fire station is on Hwy. 49 between Oakhurst and Mariposa.

The CAL FIRE provides useful tips for burning debris piles and for burning trash in a safe incinerator.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please email the Chair of the YWPHI Fire Safety Committee to express your interest in volunteering to help build a Fire Safe community. There is an on-going need for volunteers for the YWPHI Fire Safety Committee.

We are also looking for volunteers who would be willing to train and become part of a future Yosemite West Volunteer Fire Department. Previous efforts by YWPHI to establish a volunteer fire department were abandoned in 2001 due to lack of volunteers. Read more about what is required to develop a volunteer fire department for our community.

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