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YWPHI Board of Directors & Committees

The YWPHI Board of Directors consists of seven members who are elected at an annual meeting held on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and serve a three-year term. The Board of Directors meets periodically (quarterly) to conduct YWPHI business.

All YWPHI members are welcome to attend Board of Directors' meetings and to submit agenda items. Please contact the YWPHI president or any board member at least three days prior to a meeting to place an item on the agenda or to confirm the meeting date and location.

A quorum of board members (four) is required for a meeting to take place. Meetings are rescheduled when a quorum cannot be attained. Please check the schedule of board meetings. It is the responsibility of all YWPHI members to contact the board concerning issues that YWPHI should consider.

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YWPHI Board of Directors


Ted Williams, email: president@yosemitewest.org

Vice President
Steve Pedersen, email: vicepresident@yosemitewest.org

Scott Renfro, email: secretary@yosemitewest.org

Brian Bond, Accountant, email: treasurer@yosemitewest.org

Additional Board Members

Vonnie Coombs
Robert (Bert) Kroon
Mike Stepien

Board volunteers needed: 4 board members to be re-confirmed or elected on 9/03/2017

Board Members and Terms of Office

Board Member Term Serving BOD Member Since
Vonnie Coombs 9/2014 - 8/2017 2014
Robert Kroon 9/2015 - 8/2018 2012
Steve Pedersen 9/2014 - 8/2017 2014
Scott Renfro 9/2014 - 8/2017 2011
Mike Stepien 9/2016 - 8/2019 2010
Ted Williams 9/2015 - 8/2018 2015

Treasury Functions

The YWPHI Treasurer provides the core financial functions of the YWPHI oranization, including:


There is an annual review of YWPHI financial activities at least once a year, in March each year after the close of the fiscal year February 28th.

YWPHI Committees

Committee members are YWPHI members who volunteer to serve on the committees listed below. Committee members are not necessarily members of the board of directors. All YWPHI members are encouraged to get involved with YWPHI by volunteering to serve on a committee or helping to organize events and activities.

Nominating Committee
The nominating committee prepares a slate of candidates for YWPHI Board of Directors to present at the YWPHI membership at annual YWPHI meeting.
Chair: Ted Williams

Hospitality Committee
The hospitality committee makes arrangements for YWPHI social activities.
Members: Mike Stepien

Fire Safety Committee
The Fire Safety Committee organizes and initiates fire safe activities and addresses fire safety guidelines for our community.
Chair: Mike Stepien, email: firesafety@yosemitewest.org
Fire Equipment Manager & Hose Lay Coordinator: Malcolm Neal, email: coordinator@yosemitewest.org

Newsletter Committee
email: newsletter@yosemitewest.org
The newsletter editor complies and edits contributions for the community newsletter In the West.
Editor(s): Volunteer needed

Website Committee
email: webmaster@yosemitewest.org
The webmaster manages the content and operation of the YWPHI website.
Chair: Scott Renfro

Committee Chair History

Newsletter Editors


Fire Safety Committee Chair

Minutes From YWPHI Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes From YWPHI Annual Member Meetings

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