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Guidelines for Yosemite West Residents & Guests

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Privacy & Ambiance

Yosemite West is a community of privately owned homes and lots, so please respect other's privacy and help retain the peaceful mountain ambiance:

Garbage Disposal

Bears are active in Yosemite West and have broken into dozens of homes. Read about what you can do right now to decrease your risk from Living With Bears.

Safety On The Roads

Fire Safety

Yosemite West is subject to wildfires, so take these precautions.

Learn more about Fire Safety in Yosemite West.

Water & Sewer


Pet and wildlife don't always coexist peaceably. Your pets can be disturbed or killed by wildlife or they in turn can disturb or kill wildlife. It is not safe for your pets to roam freely or for the wildlife, so please use common sense. Store your pet food indoors.

In The Event of an Emergency

Read the listing of emergency contacts.

Enjoy your time in Yosemite West!

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