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Welcome letter

The goals of YWPHI are communication and represention. YWPHI strives for the improvement and betterment of all facilities and services within the area and to promote and encourage maximum community and civic spirit and foster good will and friendship among all residents of Yosemite West. YWPHI sponsors events such as the annual picnics which allow you to meet and get to know other owners. These events are also forums for distribution of news and advice from relevant agencies such as Yosemite National Park rangers, California firefighters, and Mariposa county officials. YWPHI directors also foster communication and representation of Yosemite West owners’ interests to Mariposa county officials and committees for important neighborhood issues.

New property owners have recently been sent a Welcome Letter explaining YWPHI.


Membership in YWPHI is voluntary. Membership is open to any owner of record in Yosemite West (Member) and any full-time (non-transient) occupant of a single-family residence in Yosemite West (Associate Member). For further information, read the Membership and Dues section of the YWPHI Bylaws.

Annual Dues

The annual membership cycle is from September 1 to August 31. The annual dues for membership in YWPHI is $50 per household. This was approved at the September 4, 2016 members' meeting.

New members can download a YWPHI Membership Form to complete and mail to YWPHI along with their dues:
Download a YWPHI Membership Form

Alternatively, members can make payment to treasurer@yosemitewest.org via PayPal by filling-in the fields and clicking the PayPal button below.
EmailAddress for news messages
Address/lot# in Yosemite West
Member Name
Please email treasurer@yosemitewest.org with any questions.


YWPHI has previously published In The West, a community newsletter, distributed electronically to its membership. YWPHI is currently seeking a volunteer to restart publication of the newsletter.

The news page gets continued updates by the YWPHI president.

Newsletter Archive

Visit the YWPHI newsletter archive to read past issues. The last issue of In the West will be posted to the archive when the next issue is published.

Members' & Readers' Comments

Yosemite West Emergency Telephone Tree

Starting in 2016, Mariposa County Emergency services (Fire and Law Enforcement) encourage all residents to sign up for emergency text alerts by texting the 95389 zip code to 888777 to join the Nixle service.

YWPHI previously updated the Yosemite West Emergency Telephone Tree annually each spring and distributed it to homeowners. (The tree does not include vacant lot owners.) The telephone tree was last updated in May 2011 and listed homeowners and their contact information. Its volunteer use was intended to systematically notify residents during an emergency or when a situation arose that affected the entire community. However, YWPHI, its members and officers, and those using this tree, cannot guarantee that anyone will receive timely and adequate notice of an emergency, and all liability is hereby disclaimed.

Homeowners can send an email to treasurer@yosemitewest.org to inform us of any changes to your contact information, to request a copy of the telephone tree, or to remove your name from the tree for any reason. By allowing your name to remain on the tree, you are expressly agreeing to waive all liability claims against YWPHI, its members and officers thereof, and those using this tree.

The Yosemite West Emergency Telephone Tree was for the exclusive use of Yosemite West homeowners and residents. Please keep the tree confidential, and do not forward it or provide copies to others for any purpose.

Homeowners' Comments


Telephone numbers and email addresses are not provided to third parties to protect members' privacy. YWPHI may distribute telephone numbers and email addresses for its own use and for use in emergencies.

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