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YWPHI Board of Directors Meeting - November 8, 2003

The meeting was held on Saturday, November 8, 2003 at the home of Debby Hagan. The meeting was called to order by President Hagan at 10:20 a.m. and the agenda was distributed.

Directors Present:

Larry Anstead, Grace Bartel, Debby Hagan, Sharon Haley, Carol Ruiz, and Helen Yates.

Directors Absent:

Linda Andrews

Guests Present:

Laura Sefchik


The minutes from the August 31, 2003 YWPHI Board of Directors meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report was submitted in writing and is attached. The YWPHI checking account balance is $437.00 and the savings account has a balance of $13,206.00. As of November 8, 2003, there were 110 members in YWPHI. The Treasurer's Report for November 8, 2003 was approved by the entire Board.

Committee Reports

The next Newsletter will be sent out this winter near the date for the vote on the sewer project. Debby Hagan reviewed the clearing and burning of debris by the National Park Service. Debby will write a thank you note.

Blaine Shultz has a computer program which demonstrates the possible effects of a major fire in Yosemite West. The Board will preview this program with the intent of presenting it to property and homeowners at the Memorial Day Meeting, 2004.

Kim O'Neil is the new YWPHI webmaster and has our site, www.yosemitewest.org, up and running. There is an option on the site to leave comments regarding Yosemite West issues.

Old Business

Helen Yates read the activity report from the Maintenance Committee Meeting, October, 2003 by Gary Clinkenbeard. A copy of this report could be added to the Web Site.

The YW Sewer Project has been sent out for bids. Once a bid is accepted, property and homeowners will be notified of assessments. The Sewer Project voting process will follow.

The Road Maintenance Fee may be increased. The Maintenance Committee passed a motion to recommend that both fire gates on our two fire lanes be removed and that one way "up" signs be posted at both locations.

The Yosemite West Planning Advisory Committee has addressed only the existing subdivision in Phase I of our development. The undeveloped land in Phase II has not been part of the current planning process. The YWPAC Minutes and Plan can be found through a link on our Yosemite West web site. The first Rough Draft of the Plan had a public hearing on September 6, 2003. The next Committee Meeting will be held November 17, 9 a.m., at the Wawona Community Building.

Debby Hagan reviewed the revised phone tree for the subdivision.

New Business

It was noted that some one has been smoking and leaving trash in the Mailbox Shed. A NO SMOKING sign will be posted at the Mailbox Shed as well as a note advertising the restrooms at Chinquapin.

Laura Sefchik outlined her concern that current, increased use of the unpaved portion of Henness Ridge Road posed additional fire danger to the community. A discussion followed. Debby Hagan moved and Helen Yates seconded that the YWPHI Board write a letter to NPS expressing our concerns about the fire danger along the dirt portion of Henness Ridge Road. The Board believes that the installation of an unlocked push gate may deter casual vehicular use. The motion was approved by the entire Board. Debby Hagan will draft a letter for Board review regarding this matter.

The YWPHI Board may hold meetings on weekdays in the future instead of the customary Saturday meetings if necessary to achieve a quorum.

The Rental Information sign and fliers at the mailbox location need to be corrected and updated. Larry Anstead volunteered to work on this project.

The Board entered into a discussion regarding the increasing number of sheds that have been built on subdivision lots and occupied as residences. As the moratorium on construction is still in effect, the County Building Inspector should visit these sites and enforce the restrictions.

The next Board meeting will be on December 27, 2003 at the home of Helen Yates. Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Haley
YWPHI Secretary

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