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YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - September 2, 2007

The meeting was held on Sunday, September 2, 2007 at the home of Betty Clark on Henness Circle in Yosemite West. The meeting was called to order by President Kay Pitts and the agenda was distributed.

Directors Present: Kay Pitts, Jeff Hornacek, Tom Lambert, and Jim Andrews.

Directors Absent: Kelly Rich, Kim O'Neil and Todd Caranto

The Board meeting followed the annual Yosemite West Property and Homeowners, Inc. (YWPHI) meeting and picnic where several presentations were provided to the membership and community. Jeff Hornacek, Kelly Rich and Todd "Kipper" Caranto were nominated by a vote of YWPHI members present at the meeting to fill the three vacant YWPHI board positions.

I. Minutes

Minutes from the March 24, 2007 and June 7, 2007 meetings were not voted on for approval, but will be at the next meeting.

II. Treasurer's Report

The 2nd quarter 2007 (4/1/2007 to 6/30/2007) Treasurer's report follows. The Balance Sheet shows total assets of $11,295.04, which includes: $3,429.12 in the checking account; $7,345.44 in the savings account; and $520.48 in Accounts Receiveable (due to YWPHI from fire safety grants reimbursement). The Profit & Loss statement shows a net less of $308.71: total income of $150.00 from membership dues; other income of $5.44 from interest; and total expenses of $464.15. The itemized expenses included: $188.10 advertising (for fire safety project manager); $9.00 bank charges; $60.00 labor (Memorial Day weekend clean-up); $250.07 meals & entertainment ($64.09 for Aborn reception, $185.68 for Memorial Day weekend picnic); $194.68 postage; $217.35 printing; $0.50 sales tax; and $41.39 office supplies (mailing labels); $5.16 telephone; $18.38 travel. The subtotal of expenses was $984.63, less expenses of $520.48 being reimbursed to YWPHI from fire safety grants, for total net expenses of $464.15.

Included in the above expenses are selected expenses by topic: $248.83 for fire safety (excludes grant-related expenses being reimbursed to YWPHI); $62.25 for membership (2007-08 renewal forms, copying, mailing); $22.40 for newsletter (summer issue prepararion, labels); and $10.05 for telephone tree (copying, mailing).

YWPHI has Accounts Payable oustanding for the chipping program. The amount will be invoiced and paid in July and will appear on the 3rd quarter Treasurer's report.

The 2007-2008 membership status is 97 (last year 113).

III. Committee Reports

A. Fire Safety

Lot clearing was discussed as a safety issue. The idea of requesting Mariposa County to require vacant lot owners to clear brush and enacting fines for not clearing was discussed. It was decided that there are other community committees working on this issue. The need for fire evacuation rules and improved signage was discussed. No action was taken.

B. Website

The issue of listing contractors on the YWPHI website was discussed. The goal was to provide information to the membership, referrals for satisfactory contractors and make it easier for members to maintain their homes and yards. The concerns were liability by the YWPHI and fairness to contractors. No action was taken.

IV. Old Business


V. New Business

A. Emergency Telephone Tree

The community Yosemite West Emergency Telephone Tree needs to be updated with new home and landowners. In addition, the community members who have had "fire hose training" should be noted on the Yosemite West Emergency Phone Tree. No action was taken.

B. Mailboxes

Discussion included whether additional mailboxes are needed to meet the demand of new home and landowners and to improve security. It was reviewed and suggestions submitted. No action was taken.

C. Garbage

It was agreed that garbage collection has become an issue in the neighborhood, dumpsters are placed throughout the community, trash piles up around the dumpsters and the pickup of dumpsters creates additional noise. The concept of placing all the community dumpsters at the Mariposa County Public Works yard in Yosemite West was evaluated. It was decided not to be an ideal solution to the problem. No action was taken.

D. Construction Impacts

The issue of creating and enforcing construction rules to reduce problems of noise, trash, porta-johns and traffic were discussed. No action was taken.

E. YWPHI Membership Dues

Raising YWPHI dues was discussed. Membership has fallen while costs are increasing. No action was taken.

F. Future Board Meetings

Dates for future Board meetings and events were discussed and accepted; the next YWPHI board meeting is December 29, 2007 followed by the YWPHI Holiday Open House at 3 p.m., other YWPHI Board meetings are April 5, 2008 and July 5, 2008.

The meeting ended mid-afternoon.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Hornacek
YWPHI Secretary

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