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Homeowners, Inc.

YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - October 12, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

President Kelly Rich called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Directors Present: Bill Duff, Rea Jackman, Kimberley O'Neil, Scott Renfro, Kelly Rich, and Mike Stepien
Directors Absent: Todd Caranto
Committee Chairs Present: John Mock
Committee Chairs Absent: none
Guests Present: none

I. Minutes

The minutes for the September 4, 2011 meeting were previously distributed, and hard copies were available. Kelly Rich motioned to approve the minutes and Scott Renfro seconded the motion, with all in agreement.

II. Treasurer's Report

Kimberley O'Neil submitted the 3rd Quarter 2011 (7/1/2011 to 9/30/2011) Treasurer's Report.

The Balance Sheet shows total assets of $13,513.32, which included:
$,3473.58 checking account
$10,039.74 savings account

The Profit & Loss statement shows a net income of $2,377.99:
$2,415.00 total income from membership dues
$480.00 income from mailbox sales
$1.04 other income from interest
$518.05 total net expenses

The itemized expenses included:
$16.82 Bank Charges
$4.31 Grant Expense [reimbursable] $431.21 Meals & Entertainment
$10.28 Postage & Delivery
$14.76 Printing & Reproduction
$4.26 Sales Tax
$9.48 Office Supplies
$26.93 Telephone

1. Signatures on Bank Accounts

YWPHI needs to remove its former President as a signature on its bank accounts, and add the newly elected President, Kelly Rich, as an additional signature. The bank requires approved minutes that state the change in President. Kimberley will coordinate with Kelly to do so.

2. D&O Insurance Renewal

YWPHI purchased Directors & Officers' insurance (i.e., D&O insurance) valid from 1/31/2011 to 1/31/2012. The premium of $1,010 was paid by YWPHI to the insurance broker and reimbursed in full to YWPHI by the fiscal sponsor for the 2010 National Fire Plan grant. The net cost was zero. The policy is up for renewal; does YWPHI want to renew this policy? There are no grant funds available to pay for the premium. Mike Stepien made a motion to renew the policy, which Bill Duff seconded. All approved.

2011-12 Membership Report: 70

50 members from 2010-11 have not yet renewed for 2011-12.
(Compares with 120 in 2010/11, 122 in 2009/10, 124 in 2008/09, 96 in 2007/08, 98 in 2006/07, and 113 in 2005/06)

Membership has averaged 120 in recent years, but the current membership is 70. Discussion followed on how to increase membership renewals, noting that renewal reminders had already been sent. Kelly Rich questioned if the $35 membership dues represented a good value and motioned to lower the dues, but the motion was not seconded. Bill Duff said he had been on another Board where something similar happened; their Board members each called several members for successfully getting renewals and showing a face for the Board. John Mock suggested that might be a good idea for members who hadn't renewed for a number of years. However, the Board members present did not want to do this. As a result, it was decided to send a special email to members who had not yet renewed, which Kelly Rich and Kimberley O'Neil will coordinate.

Scott Renfro motioned to accept the Q3 2011 Treasurer's Report, which was seconded by Mike Stepien.

III. Committee Reports

A. Fire Safety

1. Fire Safety Grants (see http://www.yosemitewest.org/grants.htm)

John Mock gave a summary of the 2010 grant, which was completed on October 1, 2011. 75% of vacant lots and 71% of built lots participated in the project.
The 2011 grant has been awarded, but funds have still not been released. Meanwhile, we still need to document the required match for the grant, so we will put a reminder about the 2011 In-Kind Contribution in the upcoming newsletter.

2. Fire Equipment

John reported that Malcolm Neal completed an inventory of equipment in the hose houses. The need for a fourth hose house for Henness Circle was discussed. Scott Renfro volunteered to investigate options and report at the next Board meeting.

B. Newsletter

Kimberley O'Neil circulated a draft of proposed content for the fall newsletter and asked for any additional content to be submitted to her by November 1. She reported that she hadn't heard back from Brian Stepien (Mike's son) regarding his interest in assisting with the newsletter in the future. Mike Stepien reported that his services were still available. Kelly Rich agreed to email to Brian.

IV. New Business

A. Guidelines for Yosemite West Residents and Guests

The Guidelines need to be updated, so the following actions were agreed:
(a) send all edits to Kimberley O'Neil as soon as possible
(b) Kelly Rich will photocopy and laminate copies
(c ) Rea Jackman will distribute copies to rental operators

B. Emergency Telephone Tree

Further improving the Yosemite West Emergency Telephone Tree was discussed. The possibility of a link to the County CodeRED was discussed. This led to discussion about creating a Google Users list, which Kelly Rich will pursue. Meanwhile, the following actions were agreed:
(a) Kimberley O'Neil will provide Scott Renfro and Kelly Rich with the web administration access.
(b) Scott Renfro will investigate "callback" services, which may be helpful.

C. Holiday Open House

Rea Jackman raised the difficulty of finding hosts for this event, parking, and other concerns. After discussion, it was agreed to cancel this year's event and perhaps try to replace it with another event at another time of year.

V. Old Business

A. Garbage Disposal

Due to the lack of time, everyone agreed to postpone discussion on garbage disposal. Kelly Rich agreed to develop an Open Projects list to include in the upcoming newsletter to track viable projects and recruit volunteers from the general membership.

The next meeting will be March 28, 2012 at 7 p.m.; the location will need to be confirmed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Duff, YWPHI Secretary

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