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YWPHI Board of Directors Meeting - December 27, 2003

The meeting was held on Saturday, December 27, 2003, at the home of Helen Yates. The meeting was called to order by President Debby Hagan at 10:20 a.m. and the agenda was distributed.

Directors Present:

Debby Hagan, Carol Ruiz, and Helen Yates

Directors Absent:

Linda Andrews, Grace Bartel, Sharon Haley, Larry Anstead

Guests/Committee Chairs Present:

Steve Yates, Kim O'Neil and Harry Hagan


The minutes from the November 8, 2003 YWPHI Board of Directors meeting was distributed, but the approval vote was postponed until the next meeting. A revised contact listing for YWPHI Board members and Committee Chairs was handed to all those present. Copies of the minutes and contact listing will be mailed to absent Directors.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's and Membership report were not available.

Committee Reports


Editor Harry Hagan briefly discussed with the Board items for inclusion in the next YWPHI newsletter, such as, the new YWPHI Fire Safety Committee, sewer improvement project status, YWPAC progress, the new YWPHI website, illegal shacks in Yosemite West, and YWPHI Board of Directors minutes.

Fire Safety

On December 14, 2003, Kay and Don Pitts hosted a community forum on fire safety. At this meeting Mike Beasley of the NPS Fire Department notified Yosemite West residents that the Park Service was interested in constructing a 300 foot fuel break on the north and west perimeters of Yosemite West. The Park service has funds available for this work, and Mike outlined what we needed to do in order to get this extra protection for our community. The NPS already has created a fuel break on Park property surrounding Henness Circle and at the end of Henness Ridge Road. The proposed fuel break to the north and west will cover privately owned property and therefore, will require a Memorandum of Understanding for all involved public agencies and landowners. The Board voted to authorize the YWPHI Fire Safety Committee to act on our behalf to satisfy the requirements for the continuation of the fuel break around our community. It is our understanding that the Fire Safety Chair may need to form a Fire Safe Council for this purpose, and the Board agreed to support this action if needed.

Fire Safety Chair Harry Hagan notified the Board of his resignation from this position. John Mock volunteered to head this committee and the Board appointed him as the new Fire Safety Chair with the responsibility for forming an active Fire Safe Council for Yosemite West.

N.B. Since a quorum for this meeting was not possible (bad weather), Linda Andrews voted in favor of all of the fire safety actions by phone.

At the next Board meeting the annual Memorial Day Weekend Clean-Up will be planned. The Clean-Up is sponsored by YWPHI in order to help our community be better prepared for fire safety. All YWPHI members who would like to volunteer either help or suggestions for this year's Clean-Up should contact any Board member or attend the next Board meeting in April. We all appreciated the efforts of last years volunteers, Steve Yates, Todd Yates, Neal Misener, Al Ruiz, Mitch Jonasky, and Don Pitts, in helping our community.


Kim O'Neil, YWPHI Webmaster, spoke to the Board about adding the following items to our website:

Anyone with information to share on the website should email Kim at webmaster@yosemitewest.org.

Old Business

Yosemite West Maintenance Committee Meeting Report

Helen Yates reported that the sewer improvement project was put out for bids. After bidding closes, the County will select a contractor to perform the work. A calculation of cost per EDU for property owners will be made (benefit assessment), and the community will vote on whether to pay the assessments and proceed with sewer repairs, or not.

Webmaster Kim would appreciate receiving a timeline for the sewer project to post on the website.

Yosemite West PAC Update

Recent focus has been placed on discussing limits to the number of TOTs a family could hold within Yosemite West. Someone on the Board requested the definition of family.

Mailbox Shed Cleaning

Larry Anstead was not available to report on this project. It was recommended that the Yosemite West Guidelines for Guests be placed on the bulletin board inside the shed. It was suggested that a notice be placed inside the phone booth with directions to the restroom facilities at Chinquapin.

Revisions to Information Station and Map

Larry Anstead was not available to report on this project.

Enforcement Issues- Inhabited Shacks

At the last board meeting, complaints were made concerning inhabited, unplumbed shacks in Yosemite West which pose a serious fire safety and health problem. Concerned citizens were encouraged to contact appropriate County agencies and complain. This was done, and the County "red tagged" four illegally inhabited sheds for removal in Yosemite West. Written notification was directed to each affected lot owner of record.

YWPHI has always supported enforcement of all County ordinances and zoning regulations within our community, but has not yet taken a position for or against specific violations. We encourage all property owners to contact County officials with complaints of violations. If a member wishes advice on the complaint process, please discuss the issue with any Board member, come to the Board meetings, or check our website for information and links to County services.

Silver Tip Resort, Fish Camp

YWPHI wrote a letter to the County Board of Supervisors supporting the Fish Camp community in their opposition to building the Silver Tip Resort. A copy of the letter can be found on our website. Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors approved the project, and it is now the subject of litigation. The Board was pleased that our Supervisor, Lee Stetson, voted against the proposal.

New Business


A request was made to place a 'No Camping Ordinance' on the agenda for the next meeting. Helen volunteered to email County Counsel and the Planning Department to verify whether such an ordinance was in effect. Concerns were raised about open campfires and lack of sanitation facilities for campers on lots. It was also asked if mobile homes or RVs were prohibited.

The next Board meeting will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2004, at Grace Bartel's home at 10 a.m. Board members should contact Debby as soon as possible if they can not attend. All members are welcome, but please check with any Board member or our website to confirm dates of meetings. Meeting dates are subject to change.

The meeting was adjourned by President Hagan at approximately 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah O. Hagan
YWPHI President and Acting Secretary

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