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YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - March 24, 2007

The meeting was held on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at Kay Pitts' home. The meeting was called to order by President Kay Pitts at 5:10 p.m. and the agenda was distributed.

Directors Present: Jim Andrews, Tom Lambert, Kim O'Neil, and Kay Pitts.
Directors Absent: Jody Brady, and Debby Hagan
Committee Chairs Present: John Mock
Guests: Linda Andrews, and Larry Newsome

I. Minutes

The minutes from the November 4, 2006 YWPHI Board of Directors meeting by Debby Hagan were approved with no changes.

II. Treasurer's Report

Kim O'Neil gave the 4th quarter 2006 (October 1 to December 31, 2006) Treasurer's report. The Balance Sheet shows total assets of $11,145.69: $314.48 in the checking account; and $10,831.21 in the savings account. The Profit & Loss statement shows a net loss of $164.94: total income from membership dues of $450.00; other income from interest of $10.28; and expenses of $625.22. The itemized expenses included: $200 for the holiday open house hosts; $239.40 for annual renewal annual domain hosting; $9 bank service charges; $45.49 in mailbox shed repairs; $20 filing fee to State of California; $53.40 for postage; $30.67 for photocopying; $23.41 for office supplies; and $3.85 for telephone.

The Treasurer reported that Form 1120-H for the fiscal year 3/1/2006 to 2/28/2007 was filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Since the fiscal year ended, it is time to schedule an annual audit. Kay Pitts suggested a non-board member conduct the audit. Holly Beck, a CPA who rents in Yosemite West, was mentioned as were the Ulyatts. Debby Hagan was nominated to the Audit Committee at the annual meeting and will be asked to do the audit. A non-board member will be asked in the future to avoid any conflict of interest.

The Treasurer also submitted calendar year-end 2006 financial statements. The calendar year-end Balance Sheet shows total assets of $11,145.69 (as per the 4th quarter report). The calendar year-end Profit & Loss statement shows a net loss of $1,467.28: $3,167.00 total income $3,167.00 ($2,650 membership dues and $517 miscellaneous income); $39.33 interest income; and $4,673.61 total expenses (the largest classes of expenses are $2995.66 for fire safety; $661.01 for newsletter publication; and $239.40 for the website).

The YWPHI membership totals 93, compared with 113 last year. Reminder letters mailed in early February to 40 members who had not yet renewed yielded 40% renewals. The Treasurer presented a spreadsheet illustrating members and non-members by type of property owned: a home, vacant lot of condo. The data shows that YWPHI membership represents 61% of all different home owners of record, 26% of vacant lot owners, and 19% of condo owners, which totals 42% of all different owners of record. We will compose an invitation to join YWPHI letter for new property owners and mail it out.

III. Committee Reports

Fire Safety (John Mock, Chair)

In April 2005, YWPHI was awarded two grants totaling $56,000 from the California Fire Safe Council (FSC). The projects, which John summarized further, are:

We have waited for the past 23 months as the bureaucratic process moved forward. NPS has now signed an agreement with the California FSC and released the funds. The YWPHI Fire Safety Chair hosted an inter-agency meeting on Wednesday, March 21 with NPS (FMO Kelly Martin, Fire Use Manage Mike Beasley, and Archeologist June Kinoshta), the Mariposa County Fire Department (Chief Jim Wilson, Deputy Chief Jim Middleton), the Mariposa County FSC (Jan Hamilton and Kimberly Bullock), and our fiscal sponsor the Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D, Robyn Smith) to discuss any agency concerns before the projects start.

A motion was made and passed for YWPHI to sign and submit the letters of agreement from the California FSC, which is the final step before the California FSC releases funds to the fiscal sponsor. John presented a diagram showing how grant funds will flow.

A motion was made and passed authorizing YWPHI to spend as much $500 in incidental expenses (e.g., advertising for grant manager, telephone, postage, mailing, etc.) for later reimbursement from the fiscal sponsor.

Chipping Program

A motion was made and passed to fund a maximum lump sum of $3,000 for our third annual chipping program starting on Tuesday, May 29. It will be a collaborative project between YWPHI and the Mariposa County Fire Safe Council (FSC) whose crew and equipment will do the chipping. Retail chipping costs about $2,000/day this year compared with $1,500/day last year. Last year we paid for two days and negotiated the cost on the retail market. Working with the FSC reduces overall costs (if it costs FSC less than $3,000, they will charge YWPHI less), gives for the number of days, and eliminates negotiating with retail contractors.

Website (Kim O'Neil, Webmaster)

The website is functioning well. A member previously raised the topic of advertising a personal business on the website and newsletter. Discussion indicated the Board is not ready to allow advertising. A motion was made and passed to table the discussion of advertising.

Newsletter (Tom Lambert, Editor)

A spring newsletter is planned for publication by mid April 15, and we discussed the topics to include in the newsletter and who would submit text.

Nominating (Tom Lambert & Jody Brady)

The YWPHI board has three potential vacancies for 2007-2008: 1 current vacancy and 2 terms up for renewal (Debby Hagan, Kim O'Neil). The board could benefit by filling the current vacancy now with three candidates for Tom to pursue (Malcolm Neal, Beth Rodden, and Kirk Robinson).

Hospitality (Kay Pitts & Jim Andrews)

The hospitality committee will plan the Memorial Day picnic (after re-confirming that it is not a potluck event). Kay Pitts will be overseas, so we will ask Debby Hagan and Jody Brady if they are available to help with planning the picnic.

IV. Old Business

Yosemite Institute

Superintendent Tollefson replied to the YWPHI letter sent to the Yosemite Institute and scanned copies were previously sent to Board members. No further action is necessary at this time.

V. New Business

District 1 Supervisor

Kay Pitts will host a reception funded by YWPHI for the community to meet the newly elected Supervisor District 1 Brad Aborn. She will call him and suggest Sunday, April 22 or 29, at 3 p.m. YWPHI will invite the community once the date is confirmed.

Recent Structural Fire

The Pitts hosted a community meeting Sunday, March 18 to discuss community involvement in fire safety activities / training. Kay, John and Larry shared topics discussed.

Many homeowners have trees near their propane tanks. The next newsletter can remind homeowners to inspect their tanks, remove debris and trees, or consider relocating improperly placed tanks.

Fire Hose Training

John spoke to NPS and Mariposa County Fire Department about conducting hose trainings:

Community Night?

We agreed to postpone the idea for planning a community night to further discuss people's concerns about fire - showing 1-2 short (less than 25 minutes) videos with discussion and refreshments - until after the community walk with the FMO.

Emergency Telephone Tree

An updated draft of the telephone tree was distributed. Board members will verify any missing information as discussed and noted on the draft.

Memorial Day Weekend Clean-up

Recycling - Jody Brady

"With all the houses - plus all the rental people up in the condos - and the aluminum cans and trash they go through, it really seems a shame that we can't figure out some kind of re-cycling program - other than just driving it down to the valley." YWPHI can encourage recycling and suggest alternative locations (e.g., Wawona school), and mention this topic in the next newsletter.

The date of the next Board meeting was changed from Saturday, June 16 to Saturday, June 2, at 10 a.m. at Kim O'Neil's home.

The meeting was adjourned by President Kay Pitts at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
John Mock & Kim O'Neil,
Acting for YWPHI Secretary

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