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YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - April 5, 2008

The meeting was held on April 5, 2008 at Kay Pitts' house. The meeting was called to order by President Kay Pitts at 10:00 a.m. and the agenda was distributed.

Directors Present: Jeff Hornacek, Tom Lambert, Kim O'Neil, Kay Pitts, Kelly Rich
Directors Absent: Jim Andrews, Todd Caranto
Committee Chairs Present: John Mock
Committee Chairs Absent: n/a

I. Minutes

The minutes of the following board meetings and annual meeting were reviewed and approved with minor corrections:

2007 Board Meetings

Annual Meetings

II. Treasurer's Report

1st quarter 2008 (1/1/2008 to 3/31/2008) Treasurer's Report

The Balance Sheet shows total assets of $9,852.51, which includes:

$136.16 checking account
$9,716.35 savings account  

The Profit & Loss statement shows a net loss of $290.15:

$100.00 total income from membership dues
$5.86 other income from interest
$396.01 total net expenses

The itemized expenses included:

$9.00 Bank Charges ($3.00/month x 3 months)
$25.00 Database Management (Assessor's processing fee)
$300.00 Meals & Entertainmant (net cost of 2007 Holiday Open House)
$49.00 Printing & Reproduction ($14 July 2007 newsletter, $35 property owners' list)
$1.02 Sales Tax
$11.99 Office Supplies (mailing labels for April 2008 newsletter)

2007-08 Membership Report: 92

4 additional membership since 1/1/2008: 1 new member Roy Hertweck, and 3 renewing members

1. YWPHI's fiscal year ended 2/29/2008 and the treasurer filed Form 1120-H with the IRS.

2. The treasurer filed an updated Statement of Information form SI-100 for Domestic Non Profit Corporations (which lists YWPHI's new officers on its Board of Directors and their contact information) with the Secretary of State.

3. On 2/28/08 the treasurer contacted YWPHI's existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) and obtained a lower monthly rate of $9.99 for web hosting (a savings of $14.91/mo.). The discrepancy was caused by a billing error during Nationwide's buyout of the legacy ISP Inreach Internet: Inreach's $19.95 Silver business web hosting has been changed to Nationwide's $9.99 Soho non-business; and Inreach's $4.95 spam filtering fee is free with Nationwide. YWPHI is waiting for a retroactive credit of $94.53 for the difference for the months that were prepaid.

4. The treasurer purchased a list of all property owners of record in Yosemite West from the Mariposa County Assessor's office and updated the YWPHI database (a process done annually each spring) and mailed "welcome letter"/"invitation to join" to new property owners.

YWPHI's Net Worth for the past four years

12/31/2007 $10,142.66
12/31/2006 $11,145.69
12/31/2005 $12,612.97
12/31/2004 $11,960.36

III. Committee Reports

A. Fire Safety - John Mock

(1) CWPP status

The draft CWPP is still pending. The new Mariposa County Sheriff has offered his support for its approval.

(2) Cal Fire VIP training

Dates were selected for the VIP training: Thursday, May 8, 90 minutes for program overview; and Wednesday May 21, 60 minutes for Red Flag training.

(3) 2008 defensible space grant application

The Fire Safety committee submitted a $75,655 grant application to the California Fire Safe Council who will notify YWPHI in late April about funding.

(4) In-Kind Services survey

YWPHI will conduct an In-Kind Services survey to value the volunteer labor and out-of-pocket expenses property owners contribute to the annual yard debris clean-up.

B. Newsletter

Tom Lambert will coordinate the April 2008 newsletter, including inserts for the chipping program, the In-Kind Services Survey, and membership renewal. The telephone tree will be distributed separately.

IV. Old Business


V. New Business

A. Spring Clean-up

1. Memorial Day Weekend Clean-up, Sunday, May 25

Kelly Rich will organize volunteer labor and Tom Lambert will organize trucks. The Board approved a budget of $180 (4 people = $45 per person for 3 hours @ $15/hour) to hire paid helpers. The start time was changed from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. The Board approved $360 to hire Ken LeBlanc's tractor ($60/hour x 3 hours) to consolidate the burn pile, a task previously done by Steve Yates as a volunteer.

2. Memorial Day Weekend Picnic, Sunday, May 25

Kay Pitts will ask for the Wall's permission to use their yard and tables for the picnic. The start time was changed to noon from 11 and 11:30 a.m. in previous years. The hospitality committee will plan and purchase supplies and food for the picnic. The Fire Safety committee will arrange for guest speakers.

3. Chipping Program

The Board approved a $2,000 budget for this year's annual chipping program. The program will be scheduled for the first week in June. Attention will be paid to flagging piles so it's easier for the chipping crew to locate the piles, and to traffic control (placing orange cones for safety).

B. Emergency Telephone Tree Update & Distribution

Kim O'Neil asked for any edits or additions to the telephone tree by next week before the list is distributed.

C. Frequency/Type of Communications with YWPHI Membership

D. Garbage

1. Yosemite West Trash Cooperative

Pete Ulyatt has taken over managing the community dumpster on Henness Circle from Ken Wall. Details of the dumpster rental are on the YWPHI website and were included in the newsletter.

2. Mailbox shelter

Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to clean the mailbox shelter.

3. NPS bear awareness stickers for dumpsters

Kay Pitts would like to see stickers on private dumpsters to remind everyone of the presence of bears.

4. Community Composting

Tom Lambert acknowledged that composting in Yosemite West is not possible because of the lack of bearproof composting containers.

E. Information Station sign update

Larry Anstead wants to update the sign, but was not present at the meeting to present his ideas or cost estimate.

F. Mariposa County Public Works - Roads

VI. Other Business

Jeff Hornacek had researched adding additional locked mailboxes to the mailbox shed. Two design options presented were adding mailboxes (1) to the left side with a rood overhang or (2) above the existing mailboxes facing the front. The second option would make the interior of the shed dark and would require a light source in addition to natural light. He had discussed access (eg, height, snow removal) issues with Pierce Loberg.

The next board meeting is Saturday, July 5, 2008, 10 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
YWPHI Board of Directors, April 2009, for former YWPHI Secretary, Jeff Hornacek

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