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Fire Safety - Spring 2004 Update

In summer 2003, NPS completed a fuel reduction program by removing or burning ladder fuels on NPS land along the southeastern perimeter of Yosemite West. In summer 2004 NPS will continue reducing ladder fuels in a 300-foot wide area along the entrance road to Yosemite West between the mailboxes and Wawona Road.

YWPHI is working actively with the NPS, US Forest Service, Mariposa County, California Department of Forestry (CDF) and the Mariposa Fire Safe Council to extend the fuel reduction around Yosemite West. The first step is preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among these agencies that spells out the respective roles of the parties. YWPHI is also a party to the MOU. The MOU is presently being drafted, and could be finalized by late March or early April.

Ultimately what is envisioned is a fuel reduction treatment for the entire perimeter of Yosemite West. Because the land on the north and west boundaries of Yosemite West is privately owned, surrounding landowners will be invited to become parties to the MOU. Significantly all funding would be provided by the NPS. Funding is presently available, and, if all goes well, work might begin on the north perimeter in summer 2004.

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