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Wildland Fire Associates' Role in Fire Safety

On Saturday, September 25, 2004, NPS hosted a Yosemite West Fire Meeting in conjunction with its consultants Wildland Fire Associates (WFA) of Rangely, Colorado. WFA presented their findings concerning the hazard fuel assessment for the Yosemite West area.

WFA proposed that implementation be done in three phases, focusing on the Phase I. Phase I deals with the immediate protection of Yosemite West and treatment of fuels in and adjacent to Yosemite West. WFA field data shows that perimeter treatments must be accompanied by interior treatments in order to afford any significant degree of protection to the residents of Yosemite West.

They presented several alternatives to reduce and dispose of fuels with the consultants suggesting a combination of the alternatives being most effective. WFA hopes that the community will support the recommended treatment or let them know if any of the treatments need to be excluded or adjusted. Taking the direction from this meeting, WFA will be able to finalize their proposal and provide specifics concerning community supported treatments and their costs. This information can then become the basis for writing grant proposals to fund the work.

Representatives of the Mariposa County Fire Department, Mariposa County Board of Supervisors, Mariposa Fire Safe Council and the U.S. Forest Service were present.

Deputy Chief Jim Middleton of the Mariposa County Fire Department presented and discussed their survey and risk assessment of structures within Yosemite West.

Read an in-depth summary of the September 25, 2004 meeting. Visit the Fire Safety page and Yosemite West Fire Safety Grants page for more information.

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